For a man, there is a before and an after first jewel. And for many, there is never after. But for those who hesitate to take the plunge, this article could have a cathartic effect. Because men’s jewelry remains a real subject of debate and it is still sometimes difficult to assume it. For some, it is out of the question; for others, it is obvious.

Today, the ears are piercing. The fingers are adorned with rings while the pendants are invited on the collars, and the bracelets, when to them, dress our wrists. It is precisely the latter that we are going to talk about here because it is, in my opinion, the best way to get into the deep end! The bracelet can be discreet, it is easy to wear, and it is an object that goes to everyone, so you might as well take advantage of it.


Let’s start at the beginning: the silver bangle. It is a great classic in men’s jewelry, which will suit most of us. It goes with everything and remains quite discreet. This one is from the Plata brand. Personally, it reminds me of Pablo Escobar’s famous phrase “plata O plomo,” which can be translated as “silver or lead.” The French brand did not really hesitate and instead made the choice of silver for its jewelry.


A brand and a bracelet that smells of the southwestern United States. I am, of course, talking about Harpo. The Parisian boutique wants us to travel to Amerindian lands with its jewelry. And this feather is the perfect example. Made in the USA from solid silver, it is chiseled and stamped by hand. The feather is a symbol of freedom, so for all dreamers and adventurers thirsty for the great outdoors, it is certainly this bracelet that will touch your heart.

Septentrion Workshop

Let’s not stop there; here is another variation of the bangle for men. And she is Breton! Atelier Septentrion offers a twisted silver bracelet. Its “raw” look will go perfectly with a leather jacket or Selvedge jeans. If your thing is more motorcycles and big beards, this bracelet is for you. But if you’re still on the bike and clean-shaven, then it’s for you too. The originality of Atelier Septentrion is to pour molten silver into sand molds. In fact, each bracelet is unique. A mixture of know-how and imperfections gives an extra soul to this bracelet!


I promise we’ll stop bothering you with rushes. But we must admit that it has the wind in its sails. For this last ring, we offer you originality. This comes from Gas, a French brand created by André Gas, a young artist from Marseille in the 1960s. Here, no silver but acetate as the main material. Often used for sunglasses, acetate is increasingly popular in jewelry stores. Its random colors let the light shine through the movements. The finishes are in silver metal.

Dinh Van

Now let’s move on to a second category with textile bracelets. For those who find the silver a little too flashy, this is the ideal choice. Our first model is a bracelet from the luxury house Dinh Van. Hand-woven using the craftsmanship of a Japanese workshop specializing in kimono knots, this bracelet closes on 18-carat white gold handcuffs. Available in two colors, it is the ideal choice to be the most beautiful of the beach bar this summer!


Another popular type of textile is rope. Bracelets with marine inspirations are legion in recent years. The one we are offering you, however, saves the classic anchor as a clasp. It is Miansai, an American brand that offers it. It is made of a cotton cord whose design obviously recalls the marine world. It is a sterling silver button that closes it. The brand offers many variations, including very colorful models, all for a very reasonable price. The bracelets are entirely made in their workshops in the United States.

The gram

And since we’re talking about rope, here’s another one. Finally, a cable to be more exact. We chose the 5g model from Le gram, a minimalist and modern bracelet at the same time. Each jewel of the brand is named according to… its weight! The manufacture is French, and it is even possible to add an engraving to personalize your jewel.