More Hearts!

If you need to know more you use social media to promote your company or product, you need to be sure that it is done in the appropriate way. You can always buy IG instagram followers and actually gain even more following than you have now. This is extremely useful if you are starting your own business.

A friend of mine who uses their personal Facebook account for business purposes recently posted a picture about owning an iPhone. I thought this was inappropriate because they don’t have any Apple products and I felt like it devalued what my status said about me as someone who really values having one.

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There are some things though that would not necessarily seem out of place on social media:

-taking pictures at events where you’re wearing clothing from your latest collection (though maybe not too many)

-liking other people’s posts when they mention your brand by name or photo tag them with a ‘check out my new product or similar’

-sharing a blog post or picture from your site.

-sharing a photo on Instagram of one of the new products you’re carrying that is not yet available for purchase, if it’s appropriate to do so and the item has been sent to stores

-following other fashion brands via social media (even without mentioning them by name) in order to stay up with trends and look at what they’re doing.

People love to be included to be acknowledged for their work and what they can offer.