Tips to Make Moving Easier

You might be wondering, “What is the difference between a long distance and local moving company?” A long-distance moving company will typically charge by weight of your things. They may use their own truck or you can provide one for them. Local movers may also charge by weight but they usually don’t require that you supply any trucks. There are many advantages to using a SETT Movers a local moving company, such as lower costs, better customer service, and more flexibility in scheduling. This article goes over the benefits of hiring a local mover so give it a read!

SETT Movers A Local Moving Company

How to make moving easier?

-Hire a local mover:

-As you can see, it’s not hard to find good reasons for hiring a local moving company! With all these benefits of using them, there really is no excuse not to hire one when you move in with someone else or even when your own house needs some tlc and updating. Whether you need help packing up your things or loading onto a truck, this type of service will be sure to come in handy on your big day! Give us call today so we can make it happen for you guys!

What can you do on your own?


-Moving day can be just as stressful for the couple moving in together or even a family of five, but there are many things you can do to make it easier on both parties involved. You’ll want to start by organizing all your belongings into piles with one pile being what needs to stay and another being what’s going away. This will help cut down on time spent looking through boxes trying to find something specific!

-Clean up:

-Cleaning is always a good idea when people come over so don’t forget this step either! It may seem like an easy chore, but doing it beforehand will save you plenty of headaches later on with dust flying around left behind from old furniture pieces and cobwebs.