Things To Gift For Birthday

If you want to give your daughter the best girly toys, this article is for you. You know your daughter the best, so if you want to make her day, you should buy her her favorite toy.

The best way to figure out what your daughter will like is by asking her. But if you’re looking for a few ideas, this article has some suggestions that are perfect for little girls’ birthdays and everyday use.

A toy she can play with in the bathtub or pool is always fun; we recommend these mermaid tails from Toys “R” Us ($14). This would be great at any time of year! And as summer approaches it’s important to pack away all those winter clothes, so dress up tiny dolls in warm hats (buy them at Walmart!) and sun dresses while they explore their new wardrobe. A mirror on the wall could also serve as a fun decoration!

Mini Mermaid Tails

Mermaid Tail Mini Tutu – Rainbow Colors One Size Fits Most This is one of our favorites for girls who enjoy playing dress up with their friends… It’s also great for moms looking for fun activities to do with their daughters on those rainy days when nothing else feels like it will cut through boredom.

Mini mermaid tails , little mermaid tail, pink- The best girly toys are the ones that spark imagination. Girls love to pretend they’re a princess in disguise or an adventurer exploring new worlds.

Throw her a theme birthday party, and include some of these ideas. You can invite her friends and all can dress up as mermaids. Or if she’s a fan of animals, incorporate that into the party.

These are some great ideas for an awesome girly birthday party. Don’t forget to send your little one off with a goody bag full of these goodies, so she can play all day long.